Inspiration for writing songs comes from a myriad of places. It’s almost like divine intervention. On new my disco album, Mirrorball, my co-creator and producer Allan Rodger would send me numerous musical tracks with no melody or lyrics on them. It was my responsibility to come up with those two things.

Due to my chaotic life (and I love it that way) I would show up to the studio a little unprepared. *blush* Allan would leave me alone in the studio while he went for coffee. I’d have 30 minutes to get something started. Let’s just say I work well under pressure! 🙂

Lightning Strikes!

Once I heard the intended chorus of this particular upbeat music track, a line came into my head that was, “And I… wanna make you happy.” Having that one line to start with took my memory back 18 years to the moment I met my husband on an airplane. The feelings from that time are still vivid and I drew from them to write the lyrics of this song.

Back then, I was still travelling around the world with “Farmer’s Daughter” and my life was fragmented by frequent travel. As I got to know Doug more and more, it got harder and harder to be away. I reeeeeaaaally liked him! Plus, he had his own car and could pay for dinner once in a while. (Wow!)

So now you know the story of how the song “Make You Happy” came to be.

PS Even after 18 years, most days, I still reeeeeaaaally like him.

Catch you on the flip side!