About the Product
This product is a downloadable pdf version of the children’s book, along with 2 downloadable mp3 tracks: The sing-along song starring Angela Kelman, and a 2nd karaoke track where you get to become the singer.

About Sing-Along Books:
This kids’ book is a Sing-Along book. This means that the words of the story are also a song written and performed by Angela Kelman. This book can be enjoyed on it’s own, or with the Sing-Along tracks.

When a child hears Angela sing the words as they turn the pages, it improves sight-reading and word recognition. As they sing-along with Angela, and then become the star of the show with the karaoke track, they move from hearing and seeing the words, to knowing them and singing them out. It’s empowering education that feels like a fun dance party. Taking it on the Road: You can also purchase each version of the song individually without the book, if you’d like to have the tracks available on other devices.

About the Book:
“Funky Monkey” is an energetic, fun, mischievous little monkey who loves to swing through the trees, dance on his hands and make music with his jungle friends. This highly entertaining sing-along book depicts how much fun learning and playing music together can be. The rhyme, rhythm and repetition of “Funky Monkey” are wonderful ways for children to learn language and an equally powerful way for children to learn how to read.

Available while supplies last!

I love Funky Monkey’s jungle beat, it makes me want to have my own jungle band. I would be the drum guy.

– Alex, Age 7