“Every performance is an exchange of emotional energy”

Being an emotionally sensitive person is the super power required for being an engaging performer. Everyone wants to feel things deeply and when an artist takes the risk of sharing their true beating heart with the audience, an intense bond forms.

Album Preview – Casa Do Samba

About the Album

North American pop – South America style! Add a little spice to your day with these salsa samba grooves. Put a swiffer in your hand and clean your house. Guaranteed to get your bum wiggling! Might ss well tidy while you’re dancing to it!

Album Preview – Cafe Brasilia

About the Album

North American pop – South America style! Blame it on the Bossa Nova! Sunday morning coffee drinking music!

It allows us all to open up.

We are encouraged to suppress emotion during our daily lives. We want to look strong, confident and collected, but the long term containment of our feelings leads to addiction, illness, and the breakdown of relationships. It makes us live stifled, inhibited, shallow lives.

There is a well of emotion inside every song. Skill and experience help a performer to entice their audience to draw from this well and drink deeply.

I knew I had transitioned from an amateur singer to a professional, when I found the freedom to let go and take bigger chances. That’s when my audience members started telling me about how my performance had touched their lives.

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