When you find your singing voice, it’s a stepping stone to finding your voice in the world.

Being a singer means standing up on stage naked and saying, “Judge me!” A lot of people have a secret desire to perform, but let’s face it, it’s daunting. We want to express ourselves but we don’t want to be seen as vulnerable. But…

Vulnerability is what makes a performance great.

Letting yourself be vulnerable and feel the depth of emotion inside a song is a euphoric experience, that creates an energy that other people can feel. For your audience members, real emotional expression can be moving and transformative.

Honing the craft, working on your technique and practicing performing in a safe supportive place, enables you to be more and more open. When you take risks and succeed, it’s easier to take bigger risks the next time. This translates into your life as whole. Speaking up and being seen become much less intimidating.

Singing lets us tap into the underground spring of emotion that makes us human.

For students, the stage creates a place to practice being seen and heard. When you scale the mountain of creating a performance, you arrive at the summit victorious, and filled with self pride. You then carry this communication empowerment into every aspect of your life.

“I don’t sing because I think I’m good, I sing because it feels good” -Jann Arden

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