When I write a song, I’m always amazed that you can start with a tiny seed of an idea, and watch it grow into a huge tree in a matter of hours.

I would call myself a collaborative song writer. I love the sharing of ideas with other artists, and having the spark of inspiration bounce back and forth between us. There are no wrong answers in song writing, because each thought leads to the next one, and eventually this process culminates in a perfect image or phrase. When the melody, phrasing, emotion and lyrics come together, you can feel the spark explode into fireworks. There is a unique bond that can form very quickly between artists when we share this kind of experience.

Farmer’s Daughter Songs:
Family Love
Callin’ All You Cowboys
Lonely Gypsy Wind
What It’s All About
Blue Horizon
This Is the Life
It’s Easy To Tell
Ballad Of Me And You
Prairie Sky
Overwhelming Sense of Goodbye
Wait For Me
Little Church In Memphis

Farmer’s Daughter – The Cocktail Sessions
Spy Girl
Ba da Da
Nomad Moon

From Café Brasilia

Angela May’s Magnificent Musical Menagerie, Juno Nominated Children’s CD
Disco Dinosaurs
The Opera Song
Country “Dawg”, City Kitty
The Reptile Twist
Reggae Rhino
Boogie Woogie Bunny
The “Do Good” Rap
The Yummy Mango Tango
Funky Monkey
You Can Do It

Other Kids Songs
Frank The Cat

Songwriter Portfolio